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Annette Densham

Imposter syndrome

Banish this insidious curse to stimulate creativity, innovation & performance.

Be empowered to soar and achieve all

you are meant to achieve.


Take calculated risks                    Rise to new challenges 
Work like you love it                     Get more creativity
Encourage innovation                  Be more influential  


Imposter syndrome is the bane of many organisation's and individual's existence. It can cripple creativity and innovation as people who suffer from this syndrome doubt their abilities and impact.

It's almost impossible to build tight, high performing teams when imposter syndrome sufferers are worried about feeling like a fraud and inadequacy - the team suffers, as does productivity and performance.


Conquering imposter syndrome is like rocket fueling performance - barriers are smashed and the thirst and desire to achieve can revamp the organisation and the individual.



​​Flawed or Fraud: Be Flawesome Instead?

Creating Environments Where Imposter Syndrome Can't Thrive

Opening or closing keynote

Themes - resilience, change, innovation, inspiration, leadership

Book this talk to:

  • Understand why high achievers are more susceptible to imposter syndrome and why they're so hard on themselves.

  • Help the team achieve brilliance and move through self-doubt and imposter syndrome into worthiness and confidence.

  • Know how imposter syndrome shows up - understand the symptoms and how to support people to achieve and kick goals for themselves and the organisations they work for.

With a wicked blend of humour and street smarts, Annette Densham fuels her audience with inspirational and practical stories of how they can move through imposter syndrome and be more creative, innovative and resilient. Her down to earth style envelopes her audience as they're taken on a ride with her insights and stories of business and life.

Don't Be A Sidekick: Be The Hero​​

The Power of Vulnerable and Authentic Storytelling

After lunch presentation 

Themes - leadership, storytelling, communications, empowerment

Book this talk to:

  • Know why and how storytelling especially about people are a powerful connection tool - internally and externally.

  • Understand the science behind storytelling and the subconscious connections it creates with an audience to build a credible brand. 

  • Find out practical ways to tell a hero story, take control of the narrative and create business opportunities.

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Annette has this incredible way of making you feel like you're the most important person in the room and will tell you every day your story matters.                                                                                              Beck Smith, Beam In Business

Need an MC with pizazz, humour and decades of experience with other humans?

Annette has been described as the queen of MCs. Her humour and business nous embraces audiences, keeping them engaged, listening and pumped about all they will learn and hear at your event.


Wen you are a looking for someone to take control of an event, Annette has the skills and experience to keep it on track. Her down to earth style, coupled with her ability to bring people together makes her an outstanding MC. 


Annette is available for corporate events, fundraisers and business award events.

Annette's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She had everyone laughing and having a great time from the moment she stepped foot on stage. Her warm and welcoming personality immediately put everyone at ease, and it was clear that she had put a lot of thought and care into every detail of the event. What really stood out to me was Annette's ability to connect with each and every one of the audience. She made sure that everyone felt included and valued. Her warmth and sincerity were truly touching, and it was clear that she genuinely cared about each and every person in the room. Renee Bailey, Clinical Nutritionist



Annette's memoir How To Eat A Shit Sandwich ... & Keep Smiling delves into her world as a child and young adult, and the challenges she faced growing up. While many of the stories are shocking, the book highlights how you can dig deep and still achieve all you want to be.

For anyone who has had the misfortune to eat a shit sandwich, this book has the potential to light a pathway out of the darkness, not to mention get that horrible taste out of your mouth!

Read it, you won't be sorry.  If you don't read it, you're missing out.

Susan Jarvis, The Maven

Your capacity for fun and witty inserts showed us all how humour can make the endurance journey tolerable.  I emerged present to the wonder and gift of your creative essence and recommend for anybody who wants to get clear on what it takes to live into your life purpose….no matter what!

Pat Armistead, Joyologist

I’ve never read a book that has placed me exactly where the author is while being abused, but Annette has done that several times, as a child, at home, at work. Highly recommend.

Jo Abi, 9Honey

Annette Densham's book is a page turner! Once you start you won't be able to stop. I guarantee you won't be able to put it down once you get started!


Jules Brooke, Founder She's The Boss and Handle Your Own PR 

Annette is a dynamic, engaging and entertaining speaker. Her ability to talk about the experience is honest and authentic. I love listening to Annette speak, she genuinely wants everyone to succeed.  Peace Mitchell, Women's Business School



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As an award-winning PR specialist, Annette has  a reputation for championing storytelling as the ultimate way of connecting with audiences, customers and clients...and being relatable.

After a decade in business, and three decades working in the media and communications, Annette noticed the self-imposed barriers people put up preventing them from shining. She challenges her audiences to dig deep, embrace who they're, share their stories to inspire and encourage others. Annette encourages people to tell their stories, speak from the heart and fully embrace their uniqueness.

Annette delivered a wonderful presentation to our group of highly engaged and interested speaking professionals. With many practical examples, our members had great takeaways they can use to increase their own publicity and business success. Phil Preston, Business Purpose Project




Terrific feedback from Annette's presentation. No wonder, the webcast was super well presented, full of great information and ready-made practical tips.                              Ross Gage, Gymnastics Clubs Aust

Award winning PR and entrepreneur

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